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Women in Business Ann Arbor, Michigan

Current Magazine, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Alma Blackburn

Publisher of Ann Arbor Coffee News & President of Elevate Marketing Ann Arbor, LLC


What’s one thing every entrepreneur should ask themselves? “Are you ready to work really hard?” What’s one thing you wish you learned earlier? Taking more risks, especially in my younger years. The only way to learn and truly grow is by stretching outside your comfort zone. You may fail, at first, but you are one step closer to success. What advice would you give to another woman entering your industry? Don’t be afraid to partner with experts. It’s ok not to know everything about starting a business, when first starting out. Learn and grow as you go. Bookkeeping was a challenge for me, so I hired a great bookkeeper. What’s your professional philosophy? How has it changed throughout your career? Keeping current in your industry, believing in your product or services, and being honest to the customer— even if it’s something that they don’t want to hear but will help them to be more successful. What are some traits of great leaders? Authenticity, commitment, a positive attitude, honesty and a sense of humor. What’s one key leadership lesson you’ve learned along the way? Try to see the best in everyone, and to not take things so personally. How do you achieve work-life balance? It’s tough; I try keeping it top of mind, making balance a priority. It’s so easy to just keep working; there is always something to do, especially with all the hats that I wear. What has been the role of luck in your success? Luck is a winning lottery ticket. I have been fortunate in working hard and choosing like-minded people to connect with— having friends who share the same values and drive, in order to keep growing and to be happy. What’s your mantra? Keep moving forward, and don’t sit still. Doing the best that you can at this moment in time puts you in the best place for the next moment. You got this!


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